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A trusted intermediary to minimise the risk of human trafficking in Cambodia

Vun Vannary (not her real name) was 28 years old when she decided, in 2013, to listen to a neighbour and leave Cambodia to work in China. Her parents were ill and the woman was promising her a stable job like that of her daughter’s, who was already living in the Asian powerhouse.
“I decided to (...)

Yemen’s workers are trapped between war and hunger

After months without pay, the Yemeni author and newspaper editor Hassan Abdel Warith was forced to put his library of 5,000 books on sale to feed his family. And he’s one of the lucky ones: as war rages on in Yemen, its 25 million men, women and children are struggling to survive.
According to (...)

Will anything stop the ongoing genocide in Myanmar?

At this moment, a genocide is happening in Myanmar of which most of the world is unaware. On 9 October 2016, three border posts were attacked in western Myanmar by an unknown armed group, killing nine policemen. Following the attack, Myanmar government forces have been conducting a coordinated (...)

Palm oil smallholders face the challenges of sustainable production

Pak Dahlan, a small farmer from the Indonesian province of Riau, has spent five years preparing his three hectares of oil palms for certification as sustainable.
“It’s complicated, because it doesn’t only mean having to change agricultural techniques. It above all means having to change the (...)

Cambodia wants to put an end to surrogacy

The story of “baby Gammy” made international headlines in August 2014 after his intended parents – from Australia – took his twin sister back to their country and reportedly abandoned Gammy with his 21-year-old surrogate mother because he had Down’s syndrome.
“She told us that if we tried to take (...)