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One of the world’s largest forested areas is being stripped bare by illegal felling

It is not the Amazon that is suffering the world’s most rapid rate of deforestation, but the second largest forest in South America: Gran Chaco

Trump casts shadow over Standing Rock victory

The Dakota Access Pipeline, which would send roughly 470,000 barrels of crude a day from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Illinois, is nearly complete – save for a small section of pipe north of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation.


Soy is the main export and source of foreign currency in Argentina. But it is also a source of controversy in the areas where it is spreading, such as in Cordoba, where citizen mobilisation has put an end to Monsanto’s plans to open a plant in the province.

Will merger deal allow Dow to evade their toxic liabilities in Bhopal?

For more than three decades, campaigners have been calling for Dow Chemical, the US-based company held liable for the Bhopal disaster, to accept responsibility, compensate victims properly, and to pay for the clean-up of the still-contaminated area