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Artivism, creativity and political change in Spain

“With the 15M movement the need arose to develop innovative ways of protesting and fighting in order to rally indignant citizens who were not activists, people who were ready to take to the streets but not in the traditional way. That is when the collective imagination emerged to mobilise them,” (...)

Green wins keep Baltic populism in check – but for how long?

Do Europe’s Green parties hold the key to curbing the far right? This could certainly be the case in Latvia and Lithuania where Green parties have entered governing coalitions with pro-EU, socially-inclusive and pro-labour policies. Latvia even has the European Union’s first Green president in (...)

Being twenty-something in Transnistria

When asked how she feels about living in a country that doesn’t exist, Maria Sakalova, all of 24 years old, gets annoyed. “I want to make people come here, come here and see what my country’s like,” she retorts.
Born in 1992, Sakalova belongs to a generation that has known only the State of (...)

Helping refugee students to build bridges in Germany

Mariana, a Syrian refugee, struggled to navigate her way through German bureaucracy to study at Humboldt University in Berlin. So did Sameer, an Afghan who fled his country as the Taliban targeted locals who worked with foreigners. Both got help from NGOs but say Germany’s integration policies (...)

Testing out new arrangements for migrants in Paris

Following the destruction of the Calais jungle and the dismantling of numerous illegal camps in the French capital, Paris City Hall has opened a humanitarian centre for foreigners seeking asylum.
At the Porte de la Chapelle in Paris, it is all that you can see, a vast yellow and white plastic (...)