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South Africa’s student protests: where the past is ever-present

“In South Africa, our history is a nightmare from which we are still trying to awake”

When Volkswagen handed its staff over to Brazil’s military junta

During the Brazilian dictatorship of 1964-1985 “companies and the dictatorial regime worked hand in hand, within and outside the factories, to prevent workers from organising and defending their rights”

US: Mexican communities brace themselves for a Trump administration

“People here have to remember the power they’ve built on a local level and use it, even in the face of a national defeat”

Is the New Urban Agenda “doomed to fail” workers?

“Workers are the engines of the cities and it is our future that is at stake here”

Women and war: tackling global sexual violence in the age of Trump

“There is a widespread fear that the only person now left to stand for the much-cherished principles of human rights and democracy is Angela Merkel”