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The New Orleans museum looking back at slavery to help America move forward

In 1989 on his first visit to the United States, Senegalese historian Dr Ibrahima Seck heard a Mississippi bluesman perform.
“What I was hearing was so familiar,” says Seck of that mini concert by the legendary James “Son” Thomas, who died in 1993. “It was like home.”
That personal connection (...)

Schools in Ecuador to preserve ancestral languages

A modern construction occupying around four hectares of land surrounded by brick houses, tractors and businesses of all kinds stands out between the farmlands and the snow-capped mountains of the Andes, at an altitude of 3200 metres. It is a community school, the full name of which is “Chibuleo (...)

One of the world’s largest forested areas is being stripped bare by illegal felling

Gran Chaco Americano is a vast ecosystem in South America stretching across Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and a bit of Brazil. After the Amazon basin, it is the largest forested region on the continent, with huge reserves of water, energy and cultivable land, and a great diversity of indigenous (...)

Trump casts shadow over Standing Rock victory

The construction of a controversial oil pipeline through Native American tribal lands has been halted in the United States, casting doubt on its financial future. But with Donald Trump’s personal connections to the 1,172-mile-long Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) – and his strong ties to the oil and (...)

A brief guide to (trying to) understand Venezuela

Venezuela is facing a crucial moment in its political history, where effective measures are desperately needed to put it back on track. Daily life in the Caribbean country is dominated by the total lack of the most basic commodities, astronomical prices for the few available, one of the (...)