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Jesús Malverde, patron saint of the poor and of drug traffickers

Photo journalist Consuelo Pagaza travels to Colonia Doctores (Mexico City) to photograph the chapel of Saint Jesús Malverde, known as the patron saint of the poor and of drug traffickers. The neighbourhood is known for its violence and high crime rate, ranging from assaults to the distribution of drugs and contraband; and as being home to vulnerable groups such as street children, indigenous peoples, prostitutes and drug addicts.

Mexico shuns youth rights convention

“They say young people are the future, but when it comes to giving them rights, their hands tremble”

“The workers of San Quintín Valley are no longer willing to be invisible”

On 29 March 2015, US photographer and labour activist David Bacon followed a group of farm workers in the San Quintín Valley in the Mexican state of Baja California as they marched to the US border