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Will merger deal allow Dow to evade their toxic liabilities in Bhopal?

For more than three decades, campaigners have been calling for Dow Chemical, the US-based company held liable for the Bhopal disaster, to accept responsibility, compensate victims properly, and to pay for the clean-up of the still-contaminated area

Argentina, with its “machismo culture”, fails in its protection of women and girls

In 2015, 235 women were murdered in Argentina, simply for being women. A United Nations expert has denounced the “significant shortcomings” in Argentina’s systems to prevent violence against women.

Lima: Indigenous community say they’ve been ‘abandoned’ following devastating fire

The devastation left by the fire is everywhere: on the ground, on the walls of the houses, but above all, in the spirit of the people. The Shipibo community of Cantagallo, a district in the north of Lima, is still dazed by what has happened to it

Botswana launches grassroots green fund

As world leaders and climate activists gather in Marrakech, Morocco for the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC), the southern African nation of Botswana is embarking on its own plans to achieve environmental sustainability

Dying to produce low-cost clothing: German textile giant lambasted

“Working conditions in the sub-contractors’ factories is a structural problem in the industry”