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Local solutions to local problems propel Cameroon’s startups scene

“There’s a lot of opportunity... and we believe tech is the fastest way of getting things organised.”

Testing out new arrangements for migrants in Paris

Following the closure of the migrant camp in Calais, Paris has been experimenting with a new style of reception centre, capable of responding to the urgent need of an ever growing population.

Cambodia wants to put an end to surrogacy

Cambodia has cracked down on the emerging “womb for rent” industry with a ministerial order, pending final legislation that could take another two years to come. This type of service could now develop in Laos and Malaysia.

No work, no safety, no justice – the aftermath of Pakistan’s shipbreaking disaster

“On a daily basis, at least two labourers are sustaining serious injuries and 28 labourers are losing their lives every year due to the hazardous working environment and dearth of rescue or safety means”