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Global pressure on civil society “untenable”

Six out of seven people live in countries where their civic freedoms are under threat, while the organisations that work to defend them are being squeezed by a funding crisis, political pressure and other harassment, according to a new report

More journalists risk kidnap, despite improved safety protocols

The days of diving headlong into a war zone to report as an independent witness are long gone

Rwanda’s parliament set to extend 100% maternity leave

“Rwanda’s previous law [on maternity leave] seemed to be punishing new mothers. Most people seem to put profit before everything; they view new mothers as less productive or as disruptive. This is wrong.”

Honduras makes Carlos Slim pay its tax

Through multi-million dollar fines, Honduras is setting an example in the fight against tax avoidance by the multinationals operating on its territory

Falling milk prices push British farmers to the brink

Farmers across the country held a day of action to protest the historically-low price at which they are being forced to sell their milk to the country’s leading supermarket retailers