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Macedonian government ignores historic student mobilisation

Macedonia’s students are mobilising against a new draft law, which they see as an attempt by the government to undermine the universities’ autonomy

Nationwide strike in Belgium to say "no" to austerity

Belgian workers across the country are expected to come out en masse this Monday 15 December for a nationwide strike in protest against the "anti-social" measures announced by the new centre-right federal government

Italian workers strike against Renzi’s Jobs Act

This Friday, two of Italy’s biggest national trade union centres, CGIL (the Italian General Confederation of Labour) and UIL, (the Italian General Union of Labour) will go on a general strike against the labour reforms being implemented by the government of Matteo Renzi

COP20 Lima: sham or ray of hope?

While Peru plays host to the UN climate change conference, COP20, from 1 to 12 December, the recent easing of environmental regulations in the country raises major concerns