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Jesús Malverde, patron saint of the poor and of drug traffickers

Photo journalist Consuelo Pagaza travels to Colonia Doctores (Mexico City) to photograph the chapel of Saint Jesús Malverde, known as the patron saint of the poor and of drug traffickers. The neighbourhood is known for its violence and high crime rate, ranging from assaults to the distribution of drugs and contraband; and as being home to vulnerable groups such as street children, indigenous peoples, prostitutes and drug addicts.

The last FARC camps

Photo reporter and journalist Aitor Sáez goes deep into the Colombian jungle to learn about the hopes and fears of the FARC foot soldiers regarding their future lives as civilians and the new political party (which the FARC will be turned into as of May)

Fishermen in the north-east Atlantic: living at the pace of the trawl catch

Photojournalist Pierre Vanneste accompanied industrial fishing workers to the north-east Atlantic to report on the day-to-day reality of life at sea. They tell him: “As soon as we’re on board and have reached the fishing ground, the work never stops until the holds are full.”

With Idomeni closed, will Europe keep its promise?

Journalists Isabelle Merminod and Tim Baster spent several days in Idomeni, at the border between Greece and Macedonia, to document the plight of thousands of children, women and men stuck in a makeshift refugee camp

Chronicles of Courage

Chronicles of Courage is Indian photojournalist Smita Sharma’s searing portrait series featuring dozens of survivors of sexual violence in India