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“No one knows the sites of all the mass graves in Lebanon”

Assaad Chaftari: “Each country has its own way of turning the page but the amnesty law has fundamental issues”

“The old world is over”

Paul Mason: “What we want is to deepen the political offer for the people who voted for Brexit...we have to make them understand that the real enemy is the elite of Britain and their strategic friend is the migrant worker”

Ali Zeddini: “We are going through a period of constraint on freedoms”

Ali Zeddini, one of the representatives of the Tunisian Quartet (Nobel Peace Prize 2015), assesses the path travelled by his country over the last five years and talks about the region, terrorism, refugees and civil society

Tamara Adrián: “Latin America is setting the new standard in terms of LGBT rights”

Latin America is the region with highest number of transgender homicide victims. It is, however, Latin America that is, according to the Venezuelan deputy Tamara Adrián, “stepping up to the mark in terms of civil rights for LGBT people”

“Yemen’s problems could threaten the whole world”

Yemen’s 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman speaks to Equal Times about the prospects for peace in her war-shattered land