#2020InReview: Snapshots of the other crises

#2020InReview: Snapshots of the other crises

The year that was on Equal Times.

A global pandemic didn’t stop civil society and grassroots organisations from defending people’s rights.

In planning a global economic recovery, it’s time to turn the page on inequality

Article by Leo Baunach and Lara Merling

Photo: AP/Alvaro Barrientos

Black Lives Matter in the Arab world too

Article by Ricard González

Photo: Ricard González

As desert locusts wreak havoc throughout east Africa, agricultural jobs and livelihoods hang in the balance

Article by Dominic Kirui

Photo: AP/Ben Curtis

Internet censorship and shutdowns are becoming an increasingly complex and widespread tool for repression

Article by Sara Saidi

Photo: AP/Mukhtar Khan

Gender violence study in Brazilian garment factories provides a ‘wake-up call to action’

Article by Tula Connell

Photo: AP/Eraldo Peres