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    In memory of witches
    The village of Vardø, in the Norwegian Arctic, with a population of little more than 200 at the time, saw as many as 70 witchcraft trials between 1601 and 1663. Steilneset, the striking memorial for those executed, is a global reference for historians and activists calling for a respectful and [...]
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    Sowing the seeds of shepherding
    Since 2009, the Shepherding School of Catalonia has been offering training in the practice of shepherding. With close to 80 per cent of its alumni turning to livestock farming after completing the course, the educational institution is playing a vital role in reviving the rural [...]
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    Is the gender divide in science fiction closing?
    Our data analysis shows that Star Wars is slowly awakening to gender balance by giving more dialogue and screen time to female characters – an important shift since the beginning of the franchise in the late 1970s.