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    Reviving Palestinian non-violent resistance
    Following President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, some Palestinians still see non-violence, of the kind seen during the first Intifada, as the best form of resistance.
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    The rising repression of social protest in Latin America
    Social movements are faced with heightened repression under the governments of Temer in Brazil and Macri in Argentina. More than repression, social organisations in Colombia and Mexico talk of a war orchestrated by the elites against the people, to preserve their control over the [...]
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    Demonstrations in Romania: symptoms of a deeper malaise
    Romanians are demonstrating en masse against the weakening of the anti-corruption drive and against a decree that transfers social security contributions from the employer to the employee. This social unrest reflects the citizens’ distrust of the Romanian [...]
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    God, honour and fatherland
    Patriotism is currently being reasserted as the highest value in Poland. The government is, moreover, coupling national identity with religion, and Christian values dominate the Army. The discourse that has been present in military circles for years is starting to bear [...]