EU leaders must keep their promise - #thetimeisnow for a European FTT


On 17 June, European Finance Ministers will hold a crunch meeting for the European financial transactions tax (FTT). Campaigners across Europe are urging them to finally agree the world’s first regional transactions tax, under the banner #TheTimeIsNow.

In December 2015, the leaders of those countries – led by France and Germany - gave themselves a deadline to agree the tax by June 2016.

A European FTT could raise billions for people and planet, helping to tackle climate change and poverty at home and abroad. As well as raising revenue, it could also help in the battle against tax dodging and change the way financial markets work, incentivising long-term, sustainable investment.

Not surprisingly, the financial sector is fighting back, putting pressure on politicians to change their minds and doing all they can to weaken the agreement.

European organisations representing millions of people - including the European Trade Union Confederation and other European unions - have written to the leaders of the 10 countries negotiating the tax urging them to act.

And you can join the campaign by telling those leaders why you want a European FTT.

The European FTT is something that the European Union can do to show it is working for the people rather than the banks and the super-rich.

British actor Bill Nighy says:

“History could be made this year with a tiny tax on transactions. The leaders of these ten countries must not hesitate. This tax represents a brilliant opportunity to redress the violent disparity between the rich and the poor.”