Just transition: from awareness to worker action

Just transition: from awareness to worker action

In this 11 September 2021 photo, Rogelio Oliva stands beside his traditional diesel jeepney which he drives along the Baclaran-Nichols route in the Metro Manila area.

(Nonie Reyes)

This special report brings together articles and analysis on what just transition looks like in Kenya, Costa Rica, the Philippines, New Zealand, Serbia and the US.


Page 2
Kenyan unions tackle the climate emergency head on

Page 7
Beyond Costa Rica’s acclaimed environmental model

Page 12
Implementing just transition in the Philippines

“The fight for climate justice is no longer about the environment: our lives are also at stake.”

Page 17
Taranaki 2050: a blueprint for New Zealand and beyond?

Page 21
The challenge of Serbia’s energy transition

Page 27
US unions lay the groundwork for a post-fossil fuel economy

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