The new Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability needs YOU!

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Democracy and sustainability – finding ways to meet people’s needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – are inseparable.

Each needs the other.

We can sit back and allow democracy to drift, or even to fail, in the face of huge environmental and social changes like climate change, resource scarcity, rapid urbanisation or population shifts.

Or we can make sure we work together to create systems of democratic decision-making that can chart a course to a healthy environment and fairness for everyone, now and in the future.

A recently launched Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability has been developed to guide the action that’s needed to re-shape democracy so that it becomes a powerful force for sustainability.

In six principles, from ‘Take the Long View’ to ‘Knowledge must be inclusive’, plus a set of clear commitments, the Manifesto highlights the links between democracy and sustainability and sets out an agenda for change.

It’s down to us all to make democracy fit for purpose when it comes to tackling the major environmental and social threats facing humanity.

In that process, there’s a huge amount that could be done by strengthening workplace democracy and linking it to transformation of democracy as a political system.

The International Trade Union Confederation’s General Secretary Sharan Burrow is among the growing list of Manifesto signatories from around the world, arguing that “Political democracy and democracy in our workplaces, through the exercise of workers’ rights, are inseparable”

The Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability is the heart of the Democracy and Sustainability Platform. It’s an online space for sharing ideas and actions to get democracy working better for a healthy environment and a world that’s fair for people now and in the future.

If this sounds good to you, please read the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability.

Watch what other people are saying in our videos and read why people and organisations around the world are joining.

If you’ve got an idea for an action or initiative that could get democracy to work better for sustainability, share it with others through the Platform.

If you’d like to get actively involved by making a commitment, please sign up to join.

Together, we hope that we can build an active community of people trying out different ways of getting democracy to work better for sustainability. Together, we want to show that change on the scale that’s needed really is possible.
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