The people of Ukraine want freedom - but face violence and death


On Tuesday, thousands of peaceful demonstrators at the Verkhovna Rada were provoked by the riot police followed by violent clashes between the protesters and the police.

Open warfare broke out on the streets of Kyiv, with at least 25 persons reportedly killed and more than 1,500 people injured. It was a day of non-stop bloodletting, smoke, fire and screeching ambulances.

The death toll is likely to rise as police continued with their offensive after sundown, advancing on thousands of protesters on Independence Square in the evening with gunshots, a water cannon and an armored personnel carrier.

Tents housing protesters were burning on the main square, a fire fuelled by protesters with tyres as a defence against police attacks.

Many buses, trains and cars are now being stopped by road police on the approach to Kyiv, preventing people from the regions from supporting the protesters.

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) is deeply concerned with the critical situation which may further result in chaos and blood.

Three months of protests against the current government has resulted in nothing but mass bloodshed and deaths. The government and the President don’t show any reaction and don’t take into consideration the demands of the protesting people across the Ukraine.

The KVPU condemns the evil actions of the government and special police forces and calls upon the international community to immediately impose sanctions against the high officials who are involved into the bloodshed. We also call for the possibility of the provision of humanitarian assistance to those who defend democracy and human rights.


This blog was originally posted as an open letter on the KVPU website.