“There are no jobs on a dead planet”

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Creating sustainable jobs is at the centre of the global union agenda with a Framework for Action to be adopted at Congress.

Central to this agenda is recognition that climate change threatens the security of workers across the globe.

Once we accept the overwhelming scientific opinion that urgent action is required to avoid catastrophic climate change then the imperative is to act.

If we don’t, industries as diverse as agriculture and tourism will be disrupted as weather patterns change.

Indeed, some island nations may be rendered uninhabitable by rising oceans, creating the first climate diaspora since the Ice Age.

If the world delays action and waits for a climate crisis, high emitting industries will be destroyed, either through market or state-based solutions.

On the other hand with the right planning, a shift in the global energy base offers new opportunities in new industries within the framework of a just transition for workers whose jobs are threatened.

But is the world capable of moving quickly to transform our energy base? And how can workers ensure their leaders meet their obligation to this and future generations?

In today’s sustainability panels, our experts will discuss:


• What are the models for changing our energy base that provides workers with the most security?
• What are the green jobs of the future?
• And what can the fight to safeguard the planet teach us about the broader agenda of sustainable jobs?


Join our English speaking panel at 13.20:


• Merlyn Van Moore from the UN Environment Program
• Jay Naidoo – from Mandela Minister and social campaigner
• And IndustriALL’s Brian Kohler

or online at www. http://congress2014.ituc-csi.org/