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Namibia's Khwes are battling for survival
Namibia’s Khwes are battling for survival
Six thousand Khwes live in the north-east of Namibia. The ethnic group, which has been present in this part of southern Africa for tens of thousands of years, is now fighting for survival. Sedentarised and ostracised, they are waging a battle to be able to survive on a daily basis, but also to [...]Read the full article
China's underground churches
China’s underground churches
Experts estimate that China could become the biggest Christian country in the world over the next few years. However, most practitioners reject the country’s state-sanctioned churches, which they accuse of serving the Communist Party of China’s interests and [...]Read the full article
In memory of witches
In memory of witches
The village of Vardø, in the Norwegian Arctic, with a population of little more than 200 at the time, saw as many as 70 witchcraft trials between 1601 and 1663. Steilneset, the striking memorial for those executed, is a global reference for historians and activists calling for a respectful and [...]Read the full article