Worked to death in Qatar



In a special investigation for Equal Times to recount the stories of Nepalese workers in Qatar, Devendra Dhungana travelled to remote parts of Nepal to interview the family of a worker who died there.

In May this year, Chirari Mahato died in his sleep in a labour camp in Doha.

There was no air conditioning in the room he shared with 12 other workers. His family alledge that heat exhaustion contributed to his death.

Because Chirari died in his sleep, he is not eligible for compensation from the company.

“When we made a request to the company for compensation, the company forcibly said he would not get it, as he had died while asleep.” Kabiraj Chaudhary, roommate and friend of Chirari Mahato

“I am so distressed I cannot differentiate day from night. He was the only breadwinner and now he is gone.” Patarani, Chirari’s wife

“I don’t want to go to Qatar given what happened to my father. I do get offers and promises that they will provide work and a good salary, but I don’t want to go there.” Ashok , Chirari’s son

You can help us tell the Qatari authorities they should do the right thing for workers and allow them to form and join a trade union to stand up to employers who exploit workers and their families.