About us

About us

Equal Times is a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) global news and opinion website focusing on labour, human rights, culture, development, the environment, politics and the economy from a social justice perspective.

Independent and progressive, since 2012 we have been amplifying voices, experiences and viewpoints that are either under-represented or completely absent from mainstream news coverage. In a media environment that often prioritises being first over being accurate, we pride ourselves on producing well-researched, original journalism.

Located in the heart of Europe, we are supported by the 200 million-member International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), and receive additional financial support from the International Labour Organization (ILO), the European Union and other donor organisations.

Our work is firmly rooted in the global movement to defend the rights of workers, to resist the attack on human rights, to protect our environment, to support sustainable, equitable development and to celebrate the diversity of world cultures.

Working with a dedicated team of translators, our unique contribution to a more socially-conscious and democratic type of journalism is made possible by our extensive global network of freelance journalists.

Meanwhile, our opinion and blogs sections features contributors from around the world, from high-profile workers’ rights and civil society leaders to community activists and original thinkers.

The Equal Times editorial team is committed to the principles of the International Federation of Journalists’ Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists. We celebrate and value inclusion across gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, social class, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion and other markers of identity. We strive to continuously learn about and improve our performance on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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