The Collapse of Trust


The International Trade Union Confederation has created poll that allows us to view globalisation from a worker’s perspective.

The annual ITUC Global Poll canvases the views of workers across 14 nations, highlighting trends and comparisons that give weight to the proposition that the global economic system is not delivering for everyday people.

It finds heightened insecurity in a system where the majority think the wealthy are given an unfair advantage and a sense that the future will not be as bright for the next generation.

This breakdown in trust is coupled with a conviction that governments across the globe are not doing enough to tame corporate power, to ensure a decent minimum wage, to protect workers rights and to deal with climate change.

But the poll also finds differences in the attitudes of workers in different parts of the world.
• In Europe we find a north-south divide
• Sentiment in the BRICS block of emerging countries is drifting apart
• While pessimism pervades the Americas
• Only in India and China do we find positive sentiment about the future.
This panel is great opportunity to unpack some of these findings and understand what is driving the differences – and similarities – that workers are reporting back to us.

Our panel consists of AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, UK TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady and COASTU general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, and together, they represent more than 20 million union members.


View the panel online from 1320 (DST) at www.