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EU-US trade talks: the trojan horse treaty trips up as opposition grows

Natacha Cingotti: Perhaps the most telling illustration of the dire state of these trade talks is last week’s abandoned European Parliament debate and vote on its own TTIP resolution

TPP: for informed talks on trade, show us the text!

Yorgos Altintzis : We are heard. But having participated in some stakeholder engagement events, I do not think that we are being listened to

Blatter’s exit Visa and the forgotten victims of the FIFA machine

Tim Noonan: Corporate giants are not always on the same page, and for most of the sponsors, this month’s FIFA scandal was very worrying but would probably not yet hurt their business model. Not so for Visa

Extractive industries in Africa = extracted profits

Madalitso Kateta: “The environment is very easy to compromise if the right palms are greased”