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“Vulnerable workers need people like Andy Hall to stand up to exploitation and abuse”

Owen Tudor: The TUC and ITUC joined nearly 100 human rights NGOs and trade union organisations in 20 countries to insist that the Thai Natural Fruit Company drop its case against Andy Hall

The failure to condemn the killing of civilians in Gaza is consent by default

Yuli Novak: When I served with the IDF, I believed with all my heart that any casualties were a necessary evil. If there were mistakes, they would be investigated. But things have changed

End the violation of journalists’ rights in Gaza

Jim Boumelha: The protection of civilians, which includes journalists and media workers, is regulated by a large number of international law treaties

The IMF’s recommendations on energy subsidies in the MENA region and the example of Egypt

Peter Bakvis: The IMF recommends that governments should "scale up effective social safety nets to mitigate the impact of subsidy reform on the vulnerable" but no such measures were taken in Egypt