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End the violation of journalists’ rights in Gaza

Jim Boumelha: The protection of civilians, which includes journalists and media workers, is regulated by a large number of international law treaties

The IMF’s recommendations on energy subsidies in the MENA region and the example of Egypt

Peter Bakvis: The IMF recommends that governments should "scale up effective social safety nets to mitigate the impact of subsidy reform on the vulnerable" but no such measures were taken in Egypt

UK public sector strike: the government is picking a fight with the unions

John Millington: Introducing an arbitrary one per cent pay cap after a three year pay freeze is not an offer but a challenge to workers to see how much they will take before they act

Cleaning up south-east Europe’s energy sector

Lora Verheecke: If we want to talk about providing “cleaning energy” in south-east Europe we must recognise that the issue is two-fold